Computer System Administrator

David Armenta has a strong passionate desire to work with computer systems and networks. With more than nine years of experience working with computer systems and in the Information Technology industry. I bring to you professional expertise, friendly service, and respectable prices. I handle all computer related issues you bring to the table. Listed below are only a fraction of the tasks that I can service you with. Call me for any questions. Contact Me

Customized Systems
Wireless Configuration
Virus Removal
Spyware Removal
Printer Repair
Website Design
Laptop Repair
Remote Management
Network Security
Data Recovery
System Optimization
Data Backup
General Maintenance
Printer Installation
PDA's / Mobile Devices
Data Destruction
On Site Support
Hardware / Software Procurement
Contractual Basis
Home / Business Soluitons
...and more.

I fix, monitor, benchmark, consult, upgrade........anything that has to do with a computer system, I can find a solution for. Whether you want to build a custom made computer system or give your computer a performance boost. I can make it happen. Just ask ! I do what it takes to make your computer(s) operate to your specifications. I will help you determine the best way to go about your conflict and analyze the best possible solution for you. I make on site visits whether its to your home or place of business. My pricing system is based on your individual needs and level of time/difficulty. I provide friendly service to assist you and one on one interaction to achieve maximum quality for you. So tell me, What can I do for you ?

I too have bills to pay, especially my college loans. So in an effort to survive this unforgiving world and economy, I must charge for my professional computer repair services. Ladies and gentlemen....don't worry, my prices DO NOT compare to Geek Squad and Firedog, or any of my competitors. . My prices are significantly lower than those guys. I work with you. My prices are based on individual cases and the quality that I provide Estimates are at no cost to you !!!!

I humbly serve individual, residential and small business entities in the Houston metropolitan and the Bryan-College Station metropolitan area. Anyone who needs computer related assistance........that's who I service.

Why me you say ? If you are looking for honest, quality work and service. Also, my prices reflect the quality of service I provide. Its true what they say, "You pay what you get for". I will take the time to figure out what is wrong with the PC, correct the know issue and I will prevent the problem from reoccurring to the best of my ability.



Remote Support




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